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As someone who began working before the computer revolution I have found, particularly in the last ten years, a tremendous enjoyment in learning new computer skills. This is mainly reserved for learning new software, particularly those which can benefit my working experience. I am fortunate to have a good computer network at home which allows me to follow this interest. One example of this is the production of this site.


I have always been interested in photography but have also found the delay between photographing and developing a frustrating experience.Since 2002 I have used a Canon EOS D30 digital SLR camera and have recently upgraded this with the purchase of a Canon EOS 400D. My aim is to perfect the art of good photography and, in particular, to achieve a competent level in photographing flora and fauna. This hobby also includes my utilisation of the Adobe Photoshop software which I am now quite proficient in. My partner and I have recently formed a part time photographic business and have photographed all sorts of events including Weddings and Christenings but centred on equine photography. Please look at our website to see what we do:


The photographs to the right were taken on a trip to Africa :

Image #1 - Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Image #2 - Vervet Monkey

Image #3 - Sunrise at Savanna Lodge, Namibia

Horse Riding:

I began riding horses when I was ten years old and have returned to it at various times in my life. The most noteable was when I lived in Cairo, Egypt and rode from Giza to Saqara across the Sahara on a pure bred Arabian stallion.

Over the last four years I have rekindled my joy inriding and now ride three times a week accompanied by my partner. I have passed my CBR1 and CBR2 examinations which license me to ride outside in all terrain. I continue to ride 3 times per week in both group and private lessons.

Home Renovation & Craft Techniques:

I get tremendous satisfaction in interior design both from a theoretical and practical viewpoint. I have been involved in a number of projects over the years and am particularly interested in making the most of limited space, a problem most of us face in our homes.

I continually have projects on the go from building a dolls house, glass painting, creating dioramas and other more paper based productions such as calendars and notelets. I have also created an original concept of Dala Delft Horses, a combination of Dutch Delft painting and Swedish Dala horses. You can see more on our photographic website:


Film Watching & Collecting:

I am a great lover of the movies and have an extensive DVD collection. I also try to ensure that I visit the cinema on almost a weekly basis to keep abreast of the new movies on offer.