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Volunteer Activities

1993 - 1999

International School of the Hague Bookshop

Den Haag, the Netherlands

Creating an Excel based system for maintaining monthly accounting principles and creating annual balance sheet for financial reporting. Responsible for reconciling all purchases, expenses and sales on a monthly basis and presenting the annual accounts to the school administration.

1984 - 1986

Humpty Dumpty

Cairo, Egypt

Assisting with an international group of pre-school children to improve their ability to identify colour, shape, sound and smell and encourage creative expression. Additionally, to improve their understanding of English in preparation for their future education in the international English speaking school environment.

1974 - 1976

Wortley Top Forge

Sheffield, England

Assist in renovation of an historical pre-industrial iron forge. Work included digging for artefacts, cleaning artefacts, cataloguing finds and their locations in preparation for the completion of the project as a Heritage Site.

Wortley Top Forge