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Membership of Formal Bodies

January 1997 - October 2001

AUCS Works Council (formally AT&T-Unisource Communication Services)

Hoofddorp, the Netherlands

Vice Chairperson of the AUCS Works Council, consisting of nine members, set up in accordance with Dutch law. I was involved in bi-weekly meetings to discuss all current issues and vote on decisions. Monthly and ad-hoc meetings with the CEO and his Team (HR & Legal) to discuss issues affecting the employees e.g., down-sizing; HR policy; re-organisation; major financial decisions; CEO appointments; Prior to my redundancy I had just been voted for a further term in the Council by my peers in the Netherlands.

October 1998 - September 1999

Unisource European Works Council

Hoofddorp, the Netherlands

I held the position of Vice Chairperson and Secretary of the International Council with responsibility for representation of AUCS employees working in the Netherlands. This body of members represented all Unisource companies throughout Europe and was supported by an agreement with Unisource NV under European Law. This Council ceased operation when the four year agreement came to a close, Unisource was split into it's component companies and sold and the management of AUCS was taken over by Infonet.

This experience gave me a great deal of understanding with regard to the intricate workings of a company and the trade off between staff and financial growth. It also enhanced skills of negotiation, strategy, policy creation, agenda construction and much more. I feel it was an invaluable experience and one which gave me a considerable feeling of satisfaction and involvement.

As a British person it also gave me a great respect for the Dutch laws surrounding and supporting employment.

The European Works Council had less actual power than that of the Netherlands WC. However, the experience of dealing with an international group and the differences of law between them was extremely interesting. It was also challenging to react to the gradual changes in EU  Law in the formation and running of Inter-European Works Councils.