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House Style Projects

WerkenHill House Style

Closer to home my partner and I have developed our own house style for our fledgling, part-time, photogrphic business. WerkenHill Digital Filmworks specialises in equine photography but is able to undertake other photogrpahic and film shoots as required.

Our aim was to create a website with a look and feel completely different from any other we had viewed. From this original concept we worked up the design for utilisation in stationery, marketing information and CD/DVD labelling and covers. We capitalised on my experience in prior employment to work the design up in a professional manner identifying colour usage, logo, design elements, typefaces and parameters of usage.

To see the design please goto: www.werkenhill.nl

AT&T-Unisource House Style CD-Rom

The AT&T-Unisource House Style CD-Rom was created to assist the correct adoption of the house style within the Company and also to assist the correct interpretation of the house style by designers in the production of corporate material. The contents were the logo variants; the colour definitions; corporate picture library; icons; templates; type faces and other design attributes.

The project was undertaken by the Studio Dumbar of Den Haag. The design encompassed the jewel case inset and the CD itself for use with both Windows 95 upward and Macintosh software. It was a fully interactive CD with many downloadable files to enable accurate duplication of the adopted house style.

Unisource House Style CD-Rom

The Unisource house style CD-Rom was a similar project to the AT&T-Unisource house style project. Though the budget was considerably less and the requirement more low key. The project was executed in html files with downloadable files of the design elements and variants. The purpose was to echo an earlier printed version of the house style and enable in-country offices to produce their own material accurately and within the design parameters.

AUCS House Style Design and Implementation

At the demise of the AT&T-Unisource joint venture it was necessary to develop a new house style. There was limited time to produce this as there were strict limitations on how long the existing house style could be utilised. The turn-around for the project was only three months from concept to roll out. I took a major role in the development of the design in consort with the design house and the implementation and roll out of the final product. The roll out was achieved over one weekend, a collaboration with our IT department, Office & Facility department and Corporate Communications. Staff left their offices on Friday as AT&T-Unisource and arrived on Monday to AUCS in all forms. The changes were made to the Internet and Intranet websites; all stationery products; all electronic templates available in the use of Windows Office software and all external and internal house style references. A very successful project from beginning to end.

Below are Samples of Pages from CD-Roms

1-5 AT&T-Unisource

6 - 9 Unisource