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WerkenHill Digital FilmWorks

As part of the the creation of our part-time photographic business we, my partner and I, have been involved in many sub-projects of DTP to enable different parts of the business. From the design of flyers for marketing purposes to the design of all aspects of stationery templates for business use. In addition to this we have produced calendars, notelets and T-shirts to continue our business theme and style. Please look at: werkenhill.nl for further information.

Insider Newsletter - Infonet

In my position as Internal Communications Manager for AUCS, I had the remit to produce a monthly newsletter for distribution across the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions.


The planning covered decisions on what form the document should take; What content should be represented within the document; How the information would be retrieved from the region; How distribution would be achieved; What channels to incorporate to encourage feedback.

The Document

It was decided that the document would be created on a template in Adobe PageMaker®. This would allow for a professional look and feel which could, after final edit, be converted into a PDF file. This method also enabled URL links to be incorporated into the document to lead the reader to wider content information, or secondary information. I learned to use the software to enable me to produce the required document. I suggested the name 'Insider' which would fit in with the naming strategy of our internal communications, the intranet being called InSite and the Company external name being Infonet.

The Content

The content would be made up of news at a departmental level; news at a marketing level on a country by country basis; news from Infonet HQ in the USA utilising their own in-house paper; news from individual staff members.News about the 'Alinghi Challenge' the companies major sponsorship to the America's Cup Swiss Challenge. The Swiss Challenge, as most will know, went on to win the America's Cup in 2003;

Information Gathering

A network of in-country contacts was set up to channel news from each country within the region for decision of inclusion by the editor in chief (VP Corporate Communication).


Having converted the final document into PDF it allowed low volume digital distribution via our LiveLink® document control system on our Intranet. Only necessitating the URL being sent to each individual by the email system. This reduced the drain on our email system to the minimum and allowed all issues to be picked up via the document handling system at any time.


A special email address was set up for all comments and suggestions for the publication. The URL was included in each issue asking for feedback from the readers and a message sent out one week before the cut-off date for each issue to remind individuals to submit their copy.


The final plan was agreed at the end of November 2000 and the first issue was compiled, produced and published for the end of January 2001. Nine issues we published on the agreed monthly basis until my redundancy in October 2001.